Welcome to “The Intentional Family”! Let me take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Denira (pronounced Duh-nair-uh).   I have been married to Bobby for almost 7 years now and we have 2 children.  We have an amazingly cute  3 year old boy, Isaiah, who loves to wrestle with his daddy and play the drums. We also have a beautiful, cuddly, feisty little 1 year old daughter named Emersyn.  Bobby is a pastor and church planter.  3 years ago we started an amazing church called The Ridge.  I serve as the children’s director in our Kids Ministry.  As if that wasn’t enough, I  work full time outside the home in a school system.  Needless to say our lives are mostly chaos but we love it that way.

So what’s the point of this blog? This blog is where my heart is currently.  For a couple months now, God has really been pressing on me this need to not be okay with just being okay.  What do I mean by this? Bobby and I are both good parents, we have a good family, a good marriage,  our kids are good but that’s where we are.  We are good.  We are okay.  While this works, I’m starting to no longer be okay with just being okay.

The definition of intentional is ” done with intention or on purpose “.  In metaphysics the word intentional refers to  “pointing beyond itself”.   Our family, if it continues to operate as it is can be okay, we can survive. Our kids can grow up to be good citizens, have surviving families, along the way we might do some good, but it will all happen by chance. We might be okay or we might not be okay.  But if we are intentional we can be so much more.  And with being intentional we have more control over how our kid’s future and our marriage turns out.  If you know me, you know I love control!
 The part of this definition I love the most is where it says “pointing beyond itself”. When we become intentional we can achieve so much more than what we could ever imagine and if God is in the center of that HE can bring our family to a place that is way beyond us.
So that is what this blog is.  It’s the journey of our ordinary family moving from existing to intentional.  I want to capture this journey and hopefully it will help other families along the way.

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